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Corsica Luxury Experience luxury on-site travel agency organizes personalized activities, on demand for you. Diving, cycling, hiking, canyoning, visiting the main historical sites of the island, visiting wine estates, museums, horseback riding, jet ski rides, we offer a wide selection.


on demand

We organize activities for you

Our luxury on-site travel agency promises you active holidays in Corsica!


For your stay in Corsica, we organize all possible activities. As a family, as a couple, with friends, sport, culture, gastronomy, heritage, adventure, nature, we offer a wide selection of activities in Corsica.


A hike to Mount Aragnascu or on the Coscione plateau, to the Pozzi in Bastelica, in a buggy on the heights of Porticcio, a first dive at Isolella, canyoning in the "Aiguilles de Bavella" site, as many possibilities as what Corsica can offer!


All our private activities are tailor-made, they meet your preferences and are adapted to you.

Horseback riding on the beach

Live a magical moment of communion with nature, riding on the beach, for an unforgettable ride.

You will start from the beach of Tahiti, a long sandy beach stretching along the bay of Ajaccio, for a one and a half hour stroll, to the Capitello tower, a Genoese tower marking the entrance of Porticcio.

You can have the joy of paddling in the water at waking pace on the horse, in the lake bordering the tower.

Pêche dans le golfe d'Ajaccio

Enjoy a fishing day in the Gulf of Ajaccio with a qualified fishing guide instructor, who will introduce you to the latest and most effective techniques!

Tunas, dentex and other Mediterranean fish, more than just an activity, it's a real passion for sport fishing that Raph will pass on to you.

Sari d'Orcino, Ajaccio Region
Visit of Clos Alzeto, wine estate in western Corsica

Visit and tasting at the Clos d'Alzeto wine estate, one of the oldest and most famous on the island.

Visit of the Cellar, the estate, and tasting of precious wines accompanied by the owner who will share with you his passion for wine and his land.

Wingfoil in Bonifacio

Try the new sport of wingfoil! former funboarders, kitesurfers, or total novices, we organize private lessons for you with an experienced instructor in Bonifacio.

One board, one wing, you're ready to ride!

Visit of Bonifacio

Visit the city of Bonifacio, its medieval citadel, its Genoese gate, its bastion, the King of Aragon stairs and its 187 steps...for the bravest "le gouvernail", a former port entrance surveillance site, as well as the whole strait of Bonifacio.

A tour guide specializing in the city and Corsica will accompany you on a private guided tour.

Visit of Ajaccio and the Palais Fesch-musée des Beaux-Arts

Visit the Palais Fesch-musée des Beaux-Arts and the main monuments of the city, accompanied by a guide who is a specialist in Napoleon and his time.

The discovery is fascinating and takes you to visit a unique place, steeped in history, the history of Corsica but also the history of France with Ajaccio's most famous son.

Visit of Ajaccio and Napoleon's native house

Visit Napoleon Bonaparte's birth place who spent part of his childhood in Ajaccio. The visit is an opportunity to enrich your knowledge of the character and his fascinating life between Corsica, Paris, Italy and his famous Russian and Maltese campaigns.

Guided visit to the village of Bastelica, the Prunelli gorges and Lake Tolla

With a guide specialized in the history of Corsica, you will visit the village Bastelica, Sampiero Corso's native village, a famous Corsican fighter, one hour from Ajaccio, a village also famous for its charcuterie and its ski resort in winter.

You will pass through the forest of Pineta and its majestic pines, the Genoese bridge of Zipitoli, classified as a historical monument, a true masterpiece of architecture dating from the 15th century, then the village of Tolla with its lake and its impressive dam.

Cycling in Coti-Chiavari

Bike excursion in the heart of the eucalyptus forest of Coti-Chiavari, along the south coast overlooking the Gulf of Ajaccio. A breathtaking view, the scents of cistus and eucalyptus, and a bit of history with a visit to the ruins of an old penitentiary and the water reservoir that once fed it. A magical arrival on Mare Sole beach.

Lake Tolla by bike

Cycling around Lake Tolla, the largest lake in Corsica, located 50 minutes away from Ajaccio. This 5 km² artificial lake blends into a majestic setting of walnut and chestnut trees, on the Prunelli river. The excursion will also take you to the villages of Bastelica and Tolla, the departure and arrival points of the excursion. It is not uncommon to come across herds of sheep, goats or even pigs on your way.

The Calanques of Piana by bike

Discover the Calanches of Piana by bike.

This excursion will take you from the small port of Porto, to the village of Piana, and finally the beach of Arone, to discover the famous Calanques of Piana, the Natural Reserve of Scandola, and Girolata.

A wonderful feeling of freedom in the heart of one of the most beautiful sites in Corsica, this coastline is part of the Regional Natural Park of Corsica, a protected area. Possibility of doing this excursion by electric bike.

From Porto Pollo to Cupabia by bike

Magnificent bike ride by the sea, from the small port of Porto Pollo, on the paths of Mare e Monti, along the north coast of the Gulf of Valinco, to arrive at the white sand beach of Cupabia.

The excursion is easy and allows you to observe a superb panorama of the gulf. Swimming stops are planned, and the arrival on the beach of Cupabia is magnificent. Back to Porto Pollo

Exploration dive in Bonifacio

The surroundings of Bonifacio are full of magnificent diving spots! The Lavezzi, Mérouville, Tête d'homme, Tête de cheval, the Beacon of Perduto, and the Cerbicales on the east coast.

In a small committee, your group only, you will be guided for an unforgettable exploration.

The Cargèse region by bike

Visit the Cargèse region by bike, an hour away from Ajaccio. An ancient Greek village, the excursion starts from the village famous for its Orthodox churches, up to the Genoese tower of Omigna on the northern tip of Peru beach.

This bike excursion will allow you to visit the village and its typical places, then head for Peru beach, a long sandy beach with magnificent blue and green surroundings.

You will then leave the beach to take a hiking trail, leading you to the Omigna tower.

Horseback riding on the heights of Porticcio

Discover the hinterland of Porticcio on horseback, on paths inaccessible by car, with a view of the Sanguinaires Islands and the Gulf of Ajaccio.

One-hour ride in the maquis, for beginner riders, from 8 years old. You will go through the Mare e Monti, cousin of the GR20.

This excursion is a wonderful way to discover horse riding with an experienced and professional instructor who will be able to pass on his passion for horses to you.

Jet Ski Tour from the Sanguinaires Islands to Cala di Fica

Between turquoise and deep blue waters, you will visit the Sanguinaires archipelago, the beaches of Capo di Feno and Cala di Fica along the coast, north of the Gulf of Ajaccio.

As a protected site, the Sanguinaires islands are home to a sactuary for protected animals and plants but has also a rich heritage, Genoese tower, lighthouse, semaphore, etc, visible from the sea.

Capo di Feno beach, an emblematic beach for surfers with fine sand and turquoise waters, precedes the more confidential Cala di Fica cove.

Jet ski tour on the southern shore of the Gulf of Ajaccio

Jet ski excursion on the south coast of the Gulf of Ajaccio, to discover a magnificent, very indented coastline, full of coves and small secret beaches.

Discover the most beautiful sites on the south shore: the Isolella, the Sette Nave with its turtle-shaped rocks, then head for the magnificent beach of Mare e Sole, or "silver beach".

The hike continues towards the superb cove of Castagna, which still houses a few fishermen's huts.

First dive in Ajaccio

Discover diving on some of the most beautiful sites in the Gulf of Ajaccio.

La Guardiola, a beacon marking the entrance to the bay of Ajaccio, and Les Sette Nave, on the south shore, magnificent rocks emerging from the water known to shelter groupers, moray eels, octopus, starfish and sea urchins, are interesting sites for first dives.

From 8 years old for children.

Exploration dive in the Gulf of Ajaccio

Dive on the most beautiful sites of the Gulf of Ajaccio, for an exploration of 20 to 60 meters depending on your level.

La Guardiola, the Sette Nave, but also the Tête de Maure, up to 40 meters for level 2, a site characterized by its architecture, in the shape of a fortified castle, or the Campanina beacon, also 40 meters, a busy site groupers and dentex.

For the most advanced divers, the drop off of the coral reefer, site up to 60 meters, where you can observe John Dory.

Canyoning in Richiusa

Descend the Richiusa canyon, one of the most beautiful in Corsica, accessible, and only 45 minutes from Ajaccio.

Canyoning enthusiasts, you will be served! It is a succession of natural pools, basins of turquoise water and slides, so refreshing in the middle of summer.

The setting is magnificent and it is in complete safety that you will be accompanied by a guide specialized in the activity.

Recommendation for use for this practice: good physical condition. This is a thrilling activity.

Sapare Canyon in Bavella

The Sapare canyon, a small canyon for the whole family from 7 years old. You can be introduced to the joys of canyoning before embarking on a thrilling canyon!

The surroundings of the Aiguilles de Bavella is magnificent, and on your way, slides, jumps all bypassable, up to 4 meters in height.

Quad excursion in Propriano

Go on the roads of Valinco by Quad!

The guided excursion of 3h30 takes you from the small aerodrome of Tavaria, towards the Belvedere of Campomoro, the view is splendid.

Then a dirt track will take you to the cove of Cala di Conca, a magnificent little beach where you can swim.

Buggy in the region of Ajaccio

Live an exceptional moment of adventure and discovery of the most beautiful landscapes of the island with guide passionate about his island!

Departing from Ajaccio or Tiuccia, the different excursions include Tiuccia, Sagone, Cargèse, towards Piana, on request, or Arone for a swimming stop.

The program is adapted according to your desires!

Hiking on the plateau of Coscione through the path of the water and the shepherds

Accompanied by a mountain guide, you will discover the magnificent landscapes of the Coscione plateau, typical of the Corsican inland.

The 2h30 hike has an ascention of 123 meters and a descent of 127 meters, of medium difficulty, and located at an altitude of 1600 meters.

Hiking to the Mount Aragnascu

An emblematic figure of hiking in Corsica, Mont Aragnascu is a must!

The 9 kilometer hike has an elevation gain of 363 meters and is located at an altitude of 800 meters. The duration is 3h30 for a difficulty graded as average.

Buggy ride around Bonifacio

Discover the region of Bonifacio by buggy, for an exceptional hike offering magnificent views of the cliffs, taking you through the maquis, visiting a sheepfold, and by the sea for a swimming stop.

The Scandola and Girolata reserve by boat

Experience an exceptional day aboard a private boat that will take you to visit the famous Scandola reserve, in the region of Porto Gulf, surrounded by the creeks of Piana.

Lunch on the go on board, or in a restaurant of the region, the choice is only to be made!

The promise of an unforgettable day.

Mountain lakes by helicopter

Departing from Ajaccio, fly over Lake Tolla, the Prunelli gorges, the village of Bastelica, the Pozzi of Bastelica, and the Bastani and Vitalac lakes, returning via the Gravona valley.

Horseback riding in Bonifacio

Discover Bonifacio region horseback riding, with various possible hikes, on the cliffs, in the maquis or at Canetto beach with a magnificent swim with the horses, a unique moment of sharing to be experienced intensely.

It is very early in the morning that you will be able to appreciate the freshness of the ride, for a private excursion, which will make you discover the natural heritage of Bonifacio.

Horseback riding on Porto Pollo beach

Horseback riding on the beach of Porto Pollo, early in the morning or at nightfall, go on horseback for 2 hours of true communion with nature.

You can, depending on your level, taste the joys of swimming on horseback, for the most experienced only.

Fishing in Valinco Gulf

Fishing trip with a guide who will take you on his specially equipped and secure boat. The guide, passionate and experienced, from a family of fishermen, offers coastal fishing and big game fishing.

He also offers to grill the fish you caught in a cabin on a wild beach for lunch!

Hike and Visit to Zuria wine estate

Visit of the surroundings of the Zuria wine estate in Bonifacio on a hike with a guide who will take you from the coast, to the estate through the vineyards, to discover a very pretty domaine.

The guide will tell you the story of Bonifacio, of Corsica for a moment of total immersion, the experience is magnificent.

The visit ends in the cellar with a wine tasting by a winemaker from the estate.

The view of the sea from the vines is exceptional!

Buggy excursion in Coti-Chiavari forest

Enjoy a buggy excursion in Coti-Chiavari forest, on the south shore of Ajaccio Golfe. You'll drive through eucalyptus and maquis, on tracks, following the mare monti track, overlooking the golfe of Ajaccio.

It's a magical adventure, ending at Mare Sole beach for a swim stop.


Jet ski excursion in Lavezzi islands and Pertusato

This jet ski excursion will allow to you discover the magnificent Lavezzi islands and the cliffs of Bonifacio from the sea! a breathtaking and majestic natural spectacle with an impressive view from the foot of the cliffs.

The departure of this private excursion is from Sant'Amanza but can also be organized from another meeting point.